Why Segway Tours?

As you cruise along the streets of Jerusalem with a big smile on your face, you’ll quickly understand why a Segway is such a special way to tour.

Segways are safe, fun, eco-friendly and easy to control. Independent studies have found that compared to motorized personal vehicles and bicycles, Segways, with their superior steering and braking capabilities and high sight lines, have no negative safety impact on pedestrians or on Segway users.

Jerusalem is a hilly city, built across mountains and valleys. Segway-borne, you’ll effortlessly traverse these contours. The only indication that you’ve just climbed a steep hill will be the revelation of yet another spectacular vista. You’ll save your energy, and your feet won’t be smacking over and over onto the hot pavement and cobblestones.

Far superior to a bus tour, when you’re on a Segway, you’ll spend the entire time outside in the fresh air. And you’ll be in a much smaller group, so you’ll enjoy better access to your guide.

Because they use no fuel, they are clean and ecologically friendly.

You’ll receive a complimentary training session, and our experts will be sure that you are skilled at and comfortable with driving this marvelous invention before you depart on your tour.

In order to safely operate a Segway, participants must be over the age of 16, must not be pregnant, and need to weigh between 100 (45 kg) to 270 pounds (120 kg).